Graffiti class in Porto

When I was putting Elsie #3 – the Sticker Issue – together, I spent a day in Porto meeting Graffiti and Tattoo artist Nuno Costah. Nuno was great and so was the city of Porto. So, I decided to go back for a long weekend with my wife, Mandy and our youngest son, Wilf. While we were there we met up with Nuno again and his girlfriend Sarah – they were the perfect hosts. During the weekend, Nuno gave Wilf a one-to-one lesson in Graffiti – he even dragged me in for go as well. Down wiv da kids! (all on a legal wall though!). Costah & Wilf Graffiti 2 LR Costah & Wilf Graffiti LR Costah's Graffiti 1 LR

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فوركس العملات الأجنبية Wilf's Graffiti 1 LRKnow when to stop LR
Les's Graffiti LR Wilf Graffiti 2 LR

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