Sneaky Peek

Elsie #3

After my exploits tracing down the people behind the stickers on a sign in London for Elsie #3, I gave myself a very challenging brief for Elsie #4 – to create an eclectic and engaging magazine that was equally international, but this time without leaving the comfort of my own studio. It was a tough ask, but then I stumbled on the online marketplace for freelancers…

The site is a conduit to millions of people around the world each promoting their own ‘Gigs’ – things they will do for a starting price of $5. It was the perfect fit for Elsie Magazine. So, I spent three months commissioning work from people across the globe to produce work or send me things to go in the magazine. Elsie #4 is the culmination of all those interactions. It’s been hugely enjoyable and very stimulating. Here’s a few snapshots of what you can find inside.


Elsie #3

Feedback for Elsie #4

“Honest to god, it rules…it’s so wonderful…it might just be the most delightful and uncynical magazine to come to press in recent memory”

John Brownlee : fastcodesign, USA