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Elsie Magazine LIVE! – Elsie Magazine

Elsie Magazine LIVE!

It’s always been my intention to take Elsie Magazine on the road with a series of live events and I’m really pleased to say that I managed to do that before Christmas with events in Staffordshire, Bristol, Nottingham and Edinburgh, with more to follow this spring (watch out for dates and venues). Each evening event is highly visual and based around a 90 minute seminar/lecture. I talk about setting the magazine up and many of the (sometimes painful) lessons I’ve learned along the way. There are also hints and tips on how those in the audience can bring their own magazine or creative project to market.

The events have been sponsored by Fiverr.com, which has been fantastic – allowing me to not worry too much about balancing the books and to concentrate more on delivering an engaging and enjoyable evening for those that come along. Fiverr have also been kind enough to give me lots of free ‘swag’ to give away at each event. There have also been one or two surprises, with a few people in the audience winning a unique piece of Elsie art, bespoked to them personally.

Feedback so far has been extremely positive, with the most common reaction being one of inspiration – which is great – inspiring others to push themselves creatively and to make their own ideas a reality is immensely satisfying.

Here are a few pics and bits of feedback from the events.

Elsie LiveElsie Edinburgh 6
CymzffaXcAAL4wS Elsie Magazine Live 17


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