Elsie’s Walks : Liverpool : July 2014

Whenever I’m in a big town with an hour or two on my hands I take my camera for a walk and snap whatever catches my eye. Managed to get a quick hour in Liverpool City Centre today, here are a few of the images.

Bernie - Shoe Repair Man
Bernie : I spotted Bernie sitting in his shoe repair shop as I walked by. Seemed to good an opportunity to miss, so I doubled back and asked if I could take a few pics. He was with his colleague John (see next pic) – they were both a bit reluctant at first, but eventually warmed to the idea 

John Shoe Repair LR

Bliss Shop FRont LR Gentlemen Dreamers LR

 Smoking Woman LRWoman & Girl LR

Icecream Man LRLady in Bus Shelter LR


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