Random illustration instructions

If you fancy having a go at creating your own random illustrations – here’s how I do it. You can use these instructions as a starting point, but this is creativity, so feel free to take it wherever you see fit.

So, here’s my methodology – step-by-step.

  1. Create a new empty folder on your desktop and give it the name of your random word.
  2. Now, open Google and do an image search for that word. Once the results have loaded – go to ‘tools’ and then choose >size >large (this will give you higher quality images to work with)
  3. Scroll through the images and any that you think would be useful in your illustration, drag to your folder – until you have 15 to 20 images in the folder.
  4. Now open photoshop and create a new file – 25cm square @300dpi
  5. Go to your folder of images, select them all and drag them into the photoshop file – they will all come in as smart objects, but you will need to double-click each one as they come in to embed them in the photoshop file.
  6. Now select all the layers then go to the top menu bar and select  >layer >rasterize >smart object – this will convert all the layers into a manageable format.
  7. Now deselect all of the layers, leaving just the blank base layer
  8. Now you’re ready to play – you have a blank canvas and a palette of images to work with. Start turning the layers on, feel your way into the composition – select parts of images, try changing the colour, their size or using an effect like inverting the image, or the multiply tool in the layers box. There really are no rules from here – it’s a case of experimentation and moulding the image until you feel you have a composition emerging. Once you have got the image to where you want to to be…stop.
  9. Now you’ve completed your illustration – save it as a .PSD file with the name of your word. Then go to the layers box and choose >flatten image. Then >save as a JPEG. This will leave you with two files, one still in layers, that you can go back to and play with again if you want to, one as a finished flat image.
  10. That’s it…simples!  Enjoy creating!
  11. If you’re struggling and would like some help – drop me a line at : les@outsidethesquare.co.uk
Random Illustration created by searching for images for ‘Les’ 


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