“One, borderline mad guy pouring out the contents of his brilliant brain onto the page. It’s glorious…I love it!”

Rob Orchard : Delayed Gratification Magazine

“A unique treasure…one of the best new magazines of the year”

New York Library Journal

“Issue #3 is a work of art and genius – get yourself a copy!”

Chris Barrow : Consultant

“Only the hardest of hearts could fail to be won over by its beautiful design, careful curation and endless charms”

Steve Watson : Stack Magazines

“What an inspiring piece of creativity”

Paul Kalinaukas

“Elsie is adorable from cover to cover”


“A refreshingly personal magazine”

Jeremy Leslie : MagCulture

“A charming creation”

Grafik Magazine

“Nothing like I’ve seen before”

Cover Junkie

“If only every magazine had the same agenda”

Text : Dubai

“Curious and quite delightful”

Design Week

“I adore Elsie and what it stands for. I read it and smile from cover to cover. My soul says YES! More of this please!

Marita McDonald : ApexHub

“Jones might just have produced the most delightful magazine to come to press in recent years

John Brownlee : FastCo Magazine USA