1. Sponsor Elsie

There’s no advertising in Elsie, which means there’s no advertising revenue. That’s because Elsie is not primarily driven by commercial ambitions. For me it’s all about keeping the pages focused on the content, not the ads. However, if there are any altruistic benefactors of the creative arts out there who see Elsie as a worthy cause to sponsor – please drop me a line…the kettle’s on!

Hint: Nikon, Apple and Adobe – Elsie is exclusively produced using your lovely products…how’s about it?

2. Elsie Exhibition

I’ve always felt that Elsie Magazine’s eclectic mix of photography, graphics and found stuff would make for an engaging and entertaining exhibition. Problem is, I’ve never really done that sort of thing and wouldn’t know where to start.

So, if you’re sat on a lovely little gallery space with a gap in your diary of events, drop me a line and let’s have a chat.

3. Send me an invitation

Some magazines are meticulously planned months in advance…Elsie magazine is not one of them. Elsie is fluid, responsive, opportunistic! In the words of Jimmy James and the Vagabonds – I’ll go where the music takes me!

So, invite me to your thing, tell me about your stuff, help me create content that is as fresh and engaging as it is random and off-the-wall.

4. Drop in and have your picture taken

I’ve got this on-going theme at the moment – visitors to my house.

It occurred to me that all the people who knock on our front door, be they friends, family, delivery bods or the local Jehovah’s Witnesses all have a story tell and a face to tell it with. So, I’m asking the visitors to step in front of the camera and have their portrait taken. So, if you fancy doing the same, drop on by. Elsie is based at :

The Old School, London Road, Woore. CW3 9SF

If I’m in, the kettle’s on, the tripods up and the camera is primed and ready.

5. People I’d like to meet and photograph

There are lots of famously creative people out there who I’d love to meet and photograph. But you know, it’s only me here turning the wheels of Elsie Magazine, I haven’t got the time to get my people to talk to your people (I haven’t got any people!).

So here’s a list – and, if by some strange quirk of fate, the right people see it and decide to make something happen, then it’s game on!

David Bowie (sadly, now destined never to happen)
David Byrne
Tom Waits
Brian Eno
David Shrigley
Martin Parr
David Hockney
Bill Bryson
Bruce Springsteen
John Lydon
Andreas Gursky
Damian Hirst
Gilbert & George
Peter Blake
Ron Sexsmith
Emmylou Harris
Iggy Pop

6. Creating a ‘BiG’ event

For quite a while, I’ve been thinking about creating an international ‘independent magazine festival’…in my village!

Well, why not? who needs an international convention centre when you’ve got a village hall, three pubs and an old school?

If you’re up for getting involved in this creative voyage of discovery, drop me a line and let’s get the ball rolling.

PS – I’ve not mentioned this to the Village Hall Committee yet!